Dental Treatments

As a general dental practice in Canley, we offer all the services you typically need from a dentist, but with an emphasis on prevention and restoring your teeth so that they’re fully functional. We would like our patients to keep their natural teeth throughout their life.

A thorough oral examination will then be conducted and we may need to take x-rays. If you require any treatment, we will explain this in advance and discuss how we can complete this for you and the associated estimated cost. We offer both NHS and Private options.

Dependent on your treatment, you may be required to attend a series of appointments. For more information on what is involved in your dental treatment please click here.

NHS Treatments

BAND 1 £25.80

This includes an examination and preventive advice. If clinically necessary, it also includes X-rays, scaling and planning for further treatment.

BAND 2 £70.70

This covers additional treatments such as fillings, extractions and root canal treatment.

BAND 3 £306.80

This includes more complex procedures such as crowns or dentures.

Regulations came into force on 1st April 2014 requiring all patients to provide evidence of any exemption that they have towards NHS treatment. Patients are also required to provide their national insurance number.

Please note that recently we have become aware of patients being issued fines of up to £100 (with treatment costs added on top) for not stating their correct exemption. If you do not provide any evidence of your exemption to us we have to mark this on your form as ‘no evidence seen,’ these forms will be checked by NHS.

Please read through your blue form carefully and only put the exemption that you are sure you receive.

We will not be held responsible for any fines issued due to blue forms being filled in incorrectly. If you are unsure which exemption you receive please pay for your treatment and claim back at a later date once you have found out the required information.

Private Treatment

Here at Canley Dental we welcome patients who wish to be seen for all or part of their treatment privately. Cosmetic dental treatments can make a big difference to your smile. Our dedication to quality general dentistry and the beauty of cosmetic dentistry, combined with our focus on your comfort, means that you’ll have a pleasant, satisfying dental experience.

If you come to our practice for cosmetic white fillings, porcelain crowns and veneers, teeth whitening, or any other cosmetic dentistry procedure, you can expect exceptional results. All the staff at the practice are fully committed to furthering their skills to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of dentistry.

Fee Guide

Our consultations are designed to establish how our services can help you:

Description From
New patient consultation Full dental examination, x-rays as required, oral cancer screen, detailed discussion of your requirements and treatment options, discussion of payment options. £70
Routine examination For established patients, full dental examination, oral cancer screen (including x-rays). £36
To restore teeth with large cavities, or improve the appearance of some teeth you may choose from the following options:


Description From
1). Composite or porcelain onlay Good appearance. £350 or £390
2)Gold crown Resilient and hard wearing. £580
3)Metal-porcelain crown Robust and dependable. £450
4)All porcelain crown A superlative result – enduring with a first class, natural appearance. £480
5) Porcelain veneer £430
Dental hygiene services:


Description From
1) Extensive clean and polish Ensure healthy gums, lasting fresh breath and stain removal
Hygienist session £60
Our caring services will help you cope with surgery:


Description ​​​​​​​From
1)Tooth removal £50
2) Root canal treatment ​​​​​​​£230
To restore teeth with small/medium cavities you may choose from the following options:


Description From
1)Amalgam (metal) A practical choice but with a compromised appearance. £40
2) Composite (white) A superior appearance best suited
to smaller cavities.
Do missing teeth keep you from feeling and looking your best?:


Description From
1)Bridge Robust, fixed permanently. £420 per tooth
2)Denture Reliable and comfortable. £485 per arch

Achieve a brighter, whiter smile with professional tooth whitening:


Description From
1)Home Whitening A simple way to transform your smile. £285
Additional whitening gel £18 per syringe